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Our subscribers have a lot to say about why they love Funny Times. Here are a few of their testimonials. Love Funny Times too? Tell us what you think!   “All of the people on our gift subscription list are pretty much conservative right wingers like us. We just get a big kick out of your Read More

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   Sue Wolpert I live in Cleveland Heights, Ohio. My front yard is a big garden. I moved the garden from the back yard when all of the sun back there was lost to the shade of growing trees. For several years I imagined moving the garden to the front, and then one fall I Read More

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A great way to introduce you to The Funny Times is to introduce you to some of our writers and cartoonists. Please do your part to support our wonderful contributors by giving them money, food or your appreciation. Kirk Anderson’s Homepage - Cartoonist and illustrator has loaded a Banana Republic archive and offers Molotov Comics merchandise. Read More

Funny Times: How It All Began


Raymond Lesser: People always ask me, “Oh, how did you start the Funny Times?” It’s just a throwaway question for most people. A little conversation starter while we’re having a drink at a party. But I always think, “It could easily take all night to answer that question.” I’ll make some sort of reasonably brief Read More