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Funny Times August 2014 Issue

August 2014 Issue Cover

Buy This Issue! Cartoons about: Bugs . Sleep . Vacations . Babies . and more Cartoons by:  Isabella Bannerman, Lynda Barry, Bizarro, Marc Bilgrey, Harry Bliss, Matt Bors, Martin Bucella, Tom Cheney, Dave Coverly, Derf, J.C. Duffy, Tim Eagan, Benita Epstein, Martha Gradisher, Buddy Hickerson, David Horsey, Ham Khan, Keith Knight, L.J. Kopf, Mary Lawton, Read More

Funny Times: How It All Began


Raymond Lesser: People always ask me, “Oh, how did you start the Funny Times?” It’s just a throwaway question for most people. A little conversation starter while we’re having a drink at a party. But I always think, “It could easily take all night to answer that question.” I’ll make some sort of reasonably brief Read More