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Cartoonist Isabella Bannerman: Funny At 51


“Now that I’m 51,” cartoonist Isabella Bannerman tells me, “cartooning is easier than it’s ever been. I don’t care the way I did about what other people think. I’ve stopped censoring myself. It gives me tremendous freedom.” Bannerman, who has contributed the Monday cartoon to King Features‘ popular Six Chix strip for more than a decade, has always loved making Read More

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   Sue Wolpert I live in Cleveland Heights, Ohio. My front yard is a big garden. I moved the garden from the back yard when all of the sun back there was lost to the shade of growing trees. For several years I imagined moving the garden to the front, and then one fall I Read More

Books, Cats, and Love: The Cartooning Career of Stephanie Piro

(Originally published on the blog Women’s Voices for Change) “Cartooning is the best revenge,” Stephanie Piro jokes when I ask where her ideas come from. A marital spat with husband John or a stranger’s insensitive remark will quickly find its way into Piro’s “Fair Game” strip or King Features’ popular “Six Chix” feature,where Piro (right) is the “Saturday Chick.” Read More

I’m Applying Myself


  By Bob Eckstein   Dear Jurors of the NYFA Grant Committee, I would like to respectfully apply for an NYFA Artists’ Fellowship to complete my current art performance slated for Fall 2014. Sadly, this work is currently in danger of not being realized due to a lack of funds. Since 1998 I have enjoyed a Read More