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Our subscribers have a lot to say about why they love Funny Times. Here are a few of their testimonials.

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"… Your paper helps me to be in a good frame of mind … I give [Funny Times clippings] to my doctor, dentist, cleaning lady, computer repair person, plus my political friends AND my husband (opposite party). Thanks!"
-- Christine H.

"I absolutely adore you. I hold off reading you as long as I can, then when I need a lift: There you are! Love and Big Hugs!"
-- Nyla B., Santa Rosa, CA

"Funny Times is the only paper I read!"
-- David E.

"Funny Times is the best tonic to this crumbling society. It is especially curative when read with dry red wine."
-- Charlotte G.

"Thanks for keeping me laughing!"
-- Tara B., New Stuyahok, AK

"So, when we’re upset about something [at work], we just go in the break room and read Funny Times … and it makes everything better."
-- Meg. Z.

"I look forward to Funny Times in the mailbox every month. It’s like finding a like mind out in the wilderness"
-- Frank S.

"I gave Funny Times as a gift to a man I used to date; now we’ve been married 20 years!"
-- Susan G.

"Funny Times is the only magazine I’ve ever subscribed to where I read everything in it or nearly everything. When Funny Times comes to this address, it does not die. I send cartoons to friends and pass articles around. Plus, I never throw one away, and when I pick up an old one, I recycle it and read it again."
-- TJ W., Sparta, NC

"Thank you so much for the many years of fun and thoughtful observations that have shaped my world… For me and my two teens, your paper is not only food for thought, but also lively debate and active participation in our Democratic process…"
-- Michelle W., Columbia, SC

"You folks keep me from going absolutely nuts!"
-- Anne C., Asheville, NC

"Sometimes I have issues of Funny Times squirreled away and I pick them up years later and they’re still funny!"
-- Connie D., Bonney Lake, WA

"You are the best medicine for these times."
-- Sheryl S.

"I wish Funny Times came out every week. We need more laughter in the world we’re living in."
-- Charlotte M., Ridley Park, PA

"We are so thankful for all of your great service to humanity. Patch and the rest of us treasure your terrific publication over every other periodical and media source. Keep up the great work!"
-- Taylor, Patch, and Staff, Gesundheit Institute, WV

"I appreciate the Funny Times not just as a business, but as an enterprise. You guys have character — from personal notes to chocolate bars! I wish I could do business with more organizations like yours."
-- David W., Monroe, CT

"We’ve given gift subscriptions, we’ve passed along past issues, we’ve made Funny Times part of our lifestyle …"
-- David and Judy, Gainesville, FL

"When I’m on my death bed — Forget the Bible! Bring me Funny Times!"
-- Lucy, Cleveland Heights, OH

"This is the best paper ever. I am very liberal but Dad is republican … there is enough in it that my Dad and I can laugh at a lot together."
-- Kelly, TX

"I love it, and keep up the good work. I can’t wait to get my first issue!"
-- Jim I., Cochranville, PA

"We are getting married! And [Funny Times] has been a part of our story. I’ve been a delighted subscriber since I can remember and have gifted many friends. On our very first date, [he] mentioned a great cartoon in the Funny Times, and I thought, ‘WOW! Could he be the one?’ Now we read the FT to each other over coffee and laugh and laugh together."
-- Maribeth M., Olympia, WA

"I am currently serving as a Peace Corps volunteer in Ukraine, so it takes a while for me to get my issues … I am always so excited to get them. Sometimes I try to save them and read slowly over time … You cannot begin to imagine what a treat it is to get Funny Times while I am living this funny life. Then I pass them along to my friends here to share the laughs (sometimes they get issues with holes in them where I’ve cut out favorite cartoons for my refrigerator … )"
-- Christine H.

"Hurrah for Funny Times! — during these less than funny times … I love your paper. Thank you! You’ve made a rough year cheerier!"
-- Barbara P., New Concord, KY

"I’m lost without my Funny Times …"
-- Anonymous, State College, PA

"Whenever I call Funny Times … you’re always very hospitable and make me feel like I’m the only person in the world."
-- Mike M., Marshfield, WI

"I am a probation officer. I leave my copies of Funny Times in the waiting room at work where they are … wait for it … STOLEN!"
-- Anonymous

"My subscription ended and I never heard from you again. I would like to reconcile. I miss the way you made me laugh. I enjoyed waiting for you to show up at my door and I liked our chemistry in the bedroom."
-- Bob T., Simcoe, ON

"Thanks for such a fine and long laugh! Keep it coming!"
-- Jerry R., Tega Cay, SC

"Love your mag! You guys do such a very important job — keeping us on theSunny Side and Funny Side in this time of joblessness and hard times. You’ve got a terrific group of folks who cartoon for you all, and you do such a great job of putting it all together!"
-- Bill S., Davenport, WA

"The Funny Times staff makes me smile almost as much as the publication."
-- Marcia M., Portland, OR

"Renae’s letter and story is hilarious — it’s beautiful. I love you guys and send my love."
-- Nyla B., Santa Rosa, CA

"I have had too much lately to do … The ONLY time I feel like smiling is when I read your newspaper."
-- Anonymous, DeBaca, CA

"Thanks to you all for providing a necessary lubricant for this abrasive world."
-- Steve R., New York, NY

"Thank you for years of laughter — past, present, and future."
-- LM A., Cincinnati, OH

"I’ve cut my magazines down to two: National Geographic and YOU!."
-- Carol R., Spencer, IN

"Of all the checks I’ll write this year, this will be my favorite!"
-- Bernie L., Hasbrouck Heights, NJ

"I’d rather spend money on Funny Times than a battery for my pacemaker!"
-- Anonymous

"Way back in the day, I was a letter carrier … I delivered Funny Times to my customers … Somewhere in the late 80s or early 90s I got my own subscription, and I’ve been laughing monthly with y’all ever since!"
-- Elaine S., Arizona

"We pass Funny Times around. Everyone waits for it. They are lined up waiting to read it. It’s lots of fun!"
-- Dorothy C., Meriden, CT

"I can’t live without Funny Times. You keep me sane!"
-- Anne S., Naples FL

"We fight over Funny Times when it comes in the mail!"
-- Joe P., Savanna, GA

"I love you guys! Keep on keepin’ on. [Funny Times] is the only newspaper I read front to back!"
-- Jeanne M., Ann Arbor, MI

"I’ve fired my shrink, am phasing off my meds (Oh, Lordy!) and will need all the humor I can get! Keep up the good laughs."
-- Diane B., Crescent City, CA

"You guys — along with uppers and Spanish brandy — keep me from slitting my wrists. Although enough Spanish brandy keeps me from remembering where I keep the razor blades"
-- Peggy C., Bend OR

"I really do love and appreciate the great customer service at the Funny Times!"
-- Leah B.

"We have been subscribers for about 19 years, and we have truly enjoyed each issue. The Funny Times has been a reliable source of humor and perspective, always there to lend a lift to our spirits. Without the FT (and Jon Stewart), the world would be a far bleaker place."
-- Richard and Monica D., OR

"The Funny Times is restorative, rebalancing. Keeps the spring in my brain’s step."
-- Suzanne F.

"Funny Times is a light at the end of the Tunnel of Despair. It’s a dose of comic relief during a pandemic of bigotry, selfishness and negativity. I have to pull myself up short of worshipping at your feet for helping me keep my sanity."
-- Terry W.

"… My Godson gave me a subscription … and I look forward to every issue like a kid getting a new toy! Keep up the great work, folksI"
-- Charlie D.

"Funny Times makes my Christmas shopping easy!"
-- Phyllis B., Wendell MA

"The Funny Times is how, every month, I reassure myself that a lot of us still realize the world is run by fallible blowhards. Besides, it is an unparalleled Christmas gift, so I don’t have to go shopping …"
-- Linda D., Ann Arbor, MI

"The Funny Times is the second most important paper product I keep in my bathroom …"
-- William A., Arlee, MT

"The Funny Times is the best paper in the whole wide world! We are on the same wavelength! Keep the TRUTH coming!"
-- Rafael L., Vallejo, CA

"The Funny Times is better than meds! A subscription beats a prescription any day!"
-- Matthew B., Jamestown, RI

"I do not just sit down and read Funny Times cover to cover. NO, I savor it by spreading it out over days. I cut it at the fold so I can take just a page at a time … good stuff."
-- Stu W., Taos, NM

"I enjoy your Funny Times so much! It really annoys my 10-year-old daughter that I laugh out loud as I read your paper."
-- Nancy K.

"Three newspapers are delivered to our house including the NY Times … and four or five magazines, including The New Yorker. I get no more enjoyment out of any of them than I do your Funny Times. I look forward to its arrival every month. It keeps things in perspective."
-- Ed M., Port Huron, MI

"Try as I might, living without Funny Times is simply unbearable!"
-- Diane L., Walden, NY

"I wish your magazine came in smaller amounts and more often …. I notice I sleep really well if I go to bed laughing."
-- Fred M.

"I love the Funny Times, because it makes me laugh out loud! … It’s a great window into the wacky world of the wonky United States and I wouldn’t miss an issue for anything."
-- Cathal R., Switzerland

"Everyone needs a laugh these days, so I don’t mind if my postal carrier reads my Funny Times — I just need him to deliver it after he’s finished!"
-- Wendy T., North Ridgeville, OH

"I love your paper and look forward to reading it every month. I was reading it yesterday on a flight and couldn’t stop guffawing in my seat."
-- Erika B., Seattle, WA

"My subscription to Funny Times has saved me over $1700 in psychiatric counselling."
-- Ron D., Alexandria, VA

"The Funny Times is sometimes the best thing in my day. I am thrilled to see it appear thru my mail slot each month."
-- D.A., Los Angeles, CA

"The Funny Times is the only thing keeping me sane … I get a Funny Times in the mail and realize that there are others that think like I do. How refreshing! … You are satisfying a crucial need."
-- Ed W., Madisonville, LA

"We found that cutting Funny Times was like cutting the lifeline to sanity. When we get the paper, we know there are others out there who see what we see and have the wherewithall to joke about it. … You guys are medicine for a sick society."
-- Rachelle and Bob D., Madawaska, ME

"“All of the people on our gift subscription list are pretty much conservative right wingers like us. We just get a big kick out of your publication. My daughters are starting to read it, and ask us a lot of questions that dissolve into political, economic, social, and global discussions, so we are really getting our money’s worth, even if we don’t agree with your leftist bent.”"
-- Monique D., Winterhaven, FL