Funny Times: How It All Began


Raymond Lesser: People always ask me, “Oh, how did you start the Funny Times?” It’s just a throwaway question for most people. A little conversation starter while we’re having a drink at a party. But I always think, “It could easily take all night to answer that question.” I’ll make some sort of reasonably brief Read More

An Interview With The Head Of The International Bank Of Bob … Bob Harris


This interview originally appeared in some issue. While on assignment reviewing the most expensive hotels in the world for Forbes Traveler, Bob Harris saw firsthand the absurdity of the gap in wealth between the richest and poorest people on the planet. At the Emirates Palace, a $3 billion hotel in the United Arab Emirates, they didn’t Read More

Funny Times Interviews Lenore Skenazy, “America’s Worst Mom”

(Originally published in the September 2009 issue of The Funny Times) Longtime Funny Times contributor Lenore Skenazy became the center of a media storm last year when she allowed her nine-year-old son to ride home on the New York subway by himself. After being lambasted by the media and called upon to defend her parenting Read More

Test Drive

By Ray Lesser


I have many fond memories of my 11-year-old mini-van, like the time we dragged our then-teenagers 2,000 miles across the country to the parking lot of the Grand Canyon, and they refused to get out and walk the last 25 yards to look over the edge. But lately I’ve been visiting car dealerships, test-driving potential Read More

Cleaning Up

By Ray Lesser


I’m cleaning the refrigerator when I notice there’s a bunch of hairy blue spots on my black olives. Is that natural or is it possible that they’re going bad? I didn’t even know olives could go bad; I thought they were preserved practically forever in vinegar and salt. Can vinegar and salt go bad?


By Ray Lesser


Sue lost her phone this morning. She was already at work trying desperately to find it, while I was still at home and knew exactly where it was because it rang and rang and rang, as she used someone else’s phone to call repeatedly and see if she could hear where she might have dropped Read More