In A Hurry

By Ray Lesser


When I’m in a hurry, I’m no longer sane. I try to speed up everything I do so that I can accomplish all the tasks on today’s to-do list, including those that have been on every today’s to-do list for weeks. I suddenly believe that I have superhuman powers like mental telepathy, laser focus, and Read More

“Life Begins at Incorporation” by Matt Bors


Are corporations people? Is birth control a sin? Can the president kill you with a drone strike? In this essential collection, Pulitzer Prize Finalist Matt Bors mixes the best political cartoons from his prolific body of work with 15 essays to answer the most perplexing questions of our time. 240 pages of full color fun. Read More

Where To Get The Good Stuff

By Ray Lesser


There are a million places to get something that’s mass-produced, amalgamated, made in China by child slaves or prisoners, and will either break the third time you use it, or kill your dog, or your hamster, or you, if you make the mistake of holding it too close to your nose.

To Afghanistan & Back – Funny Times Interviews Ted Rall and Matt Bors


From the November 2010 Issue of Funny Times. In August, three cartoonists embarked on a month-long journey to Afghanistan, the frontlines of an American military/industrial/political quagmire, to gather an alternate and uncensored view of what the hell is really going on. Regular Funny Times contributors Ted Rall and Matt Bors, along with Steven Cloud, traveled as Read More