About The Funny Times Staff


   Sue Wolpert I live in Cleveland Heights, Ohio. My front yard is a big garden. I moved the garden from the back yard when all of the sun back there was lost to the shade of growing trees. For several years I imagined moving the garden to the front, and then one fall I Read More

Cleaning Up

By Ray Lesser


I’m cleaning the refrigerator when I notice there’s a bunch of hairy blue spots on my black olives. Is that natural or is it possible that they’re going bad? I didn’t even know olives could go bad; I thought they were preserved practically forever in vinegar and salt. Can vinegar and salt go bad?

Conscious Neglect: A New Parenting Paradigm

Kate Morrison

By Kate Morrison From the April 2015 Issue of Funny Times I have been lucky enough to raise my children in middle class comfort and have taken advantage of the many opportunities to expose and educate them. Now, 12 years into this endeavor, I realize I’ve made a giant mistake. And with all the recent Read More

The Generalist

By Ray Lesser


Generally speaking, I’m a generalist. In college, I majored in General Studies: I wanted to be a General, but unfortunately, when I graduated, there were no job openings for any of the positions I applied for in the U.S., Canadian, or Klingon armies. So I moved on to other general job openings.

In A Hurry

By Ray Lesser


When I’m in a hurry, I’m no longer sane. I try to speed up everything I do so that I can accomplish all the tasks on today’s to-do list, including those that have been on every today’s to-do list for weeks. I suddenly believe that I have superhuman powers like mental telepathy, laser focus, and Read More

Genius Ideas

By Ray Lesser


Ever since the 16th century, when a baby being born becomes stuck, the state-of-the-art tool to aid in its delivery has been the forceps. These giant pliers (probably based originally on coal tongs) are used to squeeze both sides of the infant’s head and yank or twist them out. The problem with this method is Read More

Funny Times: How It All Began


Raymond Lesser: People always ask me, “Oh, how did you start the Funny Times?” It’s just a throwaway question for most people. A little conversation starter while we’re having a drink at a party. But I always think, “It could easily take all night to answer that question.” I’ll make some sort of reasonably brief Read More

I Hate Taxes

by Kate Morrison (first published in the April 2011 issue of The Funny Times) It’s tax season again and I feel angry and ripped off. I hate to pay my taxes. I only have three kids in public schools and although I have 5 library books right now, I could have gotten them on Amazon. Read More

Funny Times Interviews Lenore Skenazy, “America’s Worst Mom”

(Originally published in the September 2009 issue of The Funny Times) Longtime Funny Times contributor Lenore Skenazy became the center of a media storm last year when she allowed her nine-year-old son to ride home on the New York subway by himself. After being lambasted by the media and called upon to defend her parenting Read More