Conscious Neglect: A New Parenting Paradigm

Kate Morrison

By Kate Morrison From the April 2015 Issue of Funny Times I have been lucky enough to raise my children in middle class comfort and have taken advantage of the many opportunities to expose and educate them. Now, 12 years into this endeavor, I realize I’ve made a giant mistake. And with all the recent Read More

Domestic News Bulletins

By Ray Lesser


This just in … Sadie, the dog, has escaped from the backyard. Her whereabouts are currently unknown, although it is suspected that she is in the vicinity of the neighbor’s garbage cans, because that is where she was apprehended the last time she escaped.

In A Hurry

By Ray Lesser


When I’m in a hurry, I’m no longer sane. I try to speed up everything I do so that I can accomplish all the tasks on today’s to-do list, including those that have been on every today’s to-do list for weeks. I suddenly believe that I have superhuman powers like mental telepathy, laser focus, and Read More


By Ray Lesser


First, you find yourself singing in the shower. You can really rock the shower, so you start strumming some chords on the guitar to accompany yourself, and pretty soon you’re hanging out with a bass player, and then you find a drummer who has a basement you can practice in for the talent show.

A Few of Our Favorite Things: Writer, Cartoonist and Contributor Links


A great way to introduce you to The Funny Times is to introduce you to some of our writers and cartoonists. Please do your part to support our wonderful contributors by giving them money, food or your appreciation. Kirk Anderson’s Homepage – Cartoonist and illustrator has loaded a Banana Republic archive and offers Molotov Comics merchandise. Read More

Cartoonist Isabella Bannerman: Funny At 51


“Now that I’m 51,” cartoonist Isabella Bannerman tells me, “cartooning is easier than it’s ever been. I don’t care the way I did about what other people think. I’ve stopped censoring myself. It gives me tremendous freedom.” Bannerman, who has contributed the Monday cartoon to King Features‘ popular Six Chix strip for more than a decade, has always loved making Read More