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Cartoon of the Week for March 30, 2016

Cartoon of the Week for March 30, 2016

Big Boss Man

By Ray Lesser

Are you ready for the biggest turnaround ever, America? Because I’m going to turn this country around so fast, other countries are going to get whiplash just trying to see where we went. Continue reading

February 2016 Featured Extra

Grossman - Presidential Runoff

Self Service

By Ray Lesser

I used to have a job pumping gas, as did millions of other young men of my generation. For many, this was an entry-level path to becoming a mechanic, or perhaps one day, a service station owner. Continue reading

Chicken Fat

By Ray Lesser

To many people, the word “schmaltz” connotes cheesy, overly sentimental, artistic slop. Like going to a Norman Rockwell exhibit while listening to Engelbert Humperdinck sing “Feelings.” Continue reading

September 2015 Featured Extra

Mueller - Venn's Instagram

Service With A Smile

By Ray Lesser

Please enter your password. I’m sorry, we have no record of you in our system. Therefore you do not exist. If you wish to exist, please go to your preferences menu and reset your existence. Need help? Please send a message to our help desk and we will get back to you. Or maybe not. Continue reading