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Does Your Life Still Matter?

By Ray Lesser

Steve is a professor who specializes in Medieval Christianity. Although he has tenure, a good pension plan, and a lovely tree-shaded campus to work at, he recently found himself wondering whether he’s wasted his life by devoting most of it to John Wycliffe, the first person to translate the Bible into English. Continue reading

The Raymond Lesser Dorm

By Ray Lesser

When the inmates are all snugly locked in at night in their ultra-secure dorm, it’s nice to know they’ll be thinking of me. Continue reading

27 Things I Want to Do Before I Die

By Ray Lesser

Last year, the man who co-wrote the best-selling adventure travel guide 100 Things To Do Before You Die died at the age of 47. Continue reading

Dangerous Fashions

By Ray Lesser

It’s not easy being beautiful. In fact, sometimes being on the cutting edge of fashion can be downright dangerous. For example, this news story was reported last month: Continue reading

Your Inner Fish

By Ray Lesser

Five summers ago, Neil Shubin discovered the missing link: a fish with hands. Finally, scientists had proof that our ancient ancestors really did drag themselves out of the ocean, becoming the first proud owners of beachfront property. Continue reading

Guilty Pleasures — What People Do When Their Spouses Are Out Of Town

By Ray Lesser

When your spouse goes out of town, they’re off working hard selling more widgets, or giving speeches at important conferences, or at the very least arranging for your brother-in-law to be released on bail. Continue reading

Zen Consumerism

By Ray Lesser

Consumerism is the desire to attain personal happiness through consumption and the purchase of material possessions.

Zen Consumerism is the practice that allows you to see your wallet as it really is: completely empty. Continue reading

Kite String Theory

By Ray Lesser

Kite string theory ties everything that’s wrong with the world into one neat, impossible-to-open package. Continue reading

The Future Is Wow

By Ray Lesser

The future is clear to me. It’s the present that I don’t understand. Although it seems hard to imagine, listening to the daily, hourly, and minutely breaking news stories on the collapse of capitalism and the complete breakdown of civilization, a bright and amazing future will soon be upon us. Continue reading