A great way to introduce you to The Funny Times is to introduce you to some of our cartoonists and writers. Please do your part to support our wonderful contributors by giving them money, food, or your appreciation.


Kirk Anderson – Cartoonist and illustrator has loaded a Banana Republic archive and offers Molotov Comics merchandise.

Mark Anderson (Andertoons) – Sign up to receive a cartoon each day at Mark Anderson’s homepage.

Clay Bennett – Rifle through the desk of this famous editorial cartoonist.

Meg Biddle – We cover Meg’s cartoons but she’s also an illustrator, painter, and muralist.

Matt Bors – Matt’s cartoon strip is updated weekly. The kid has books already.

Joshua Samuel Brown – Check out Joshua’s blog and sign up for a magical mystery tour. Author of How Not To Avoid Jet Lag & Other Tales Of Travel Madness.

William Brown (Citizen Bill) – This editorial cartoonist often appears in the Funny Times.

Marty Bucella – Widely-published cartoonist/illustrator and FT contributor sports a new toon every single day – that means all seven!

David Cohen (Cohencidents) – This cartoonist’s homepage has a cartoon archive and his rock band’s schedules.

Roy Delgado

J.C. Duffy

Jim Dultz

Bob Eckstein

Benita Epstein – Benita offers an archive of cartoons by category and even custom cartoons.

Mitra Farmand (Fuffernutter)

Mark Fearing

Samuel Ferri

Oliver Gaspirtz

Randy Glasbergen

Clive Goddard

Ted Goff

Steve Greenberg – Steve showcases hundreds of editorial cartoons, illustrations and informational graphics in his well-organized archive.

John Grimes – A Funny Times regular whose cartoons and animations appear in every conceivable print and electronic medium.

Peter Hannan

Joe Heller

Russell Hodin

Judy Horacek – Surf to Australia to visit this Funny Times favorite. In addition to cool merchandise, Judy features a cartoon topic of the month.

Marshall Hopkins

Michael Jantze (The Norm)

George Jartos

Leigh Anne Jasheway (The Accidental Comic) – This Funny Times contributor has published 10 books and does stand-up. She is a teacher, presenter, motivational speaker and comic.

John Jonik

Diego Jourdan Pereira

John Kinkade (Snake Oil Cartoons)

Madeleine Begun Kane – Visit this popular humor columnist that raises Kane. Of course she has appeared in The Funny Times.

Keith Knight (The K Chronicles)

Gregory (Grigoriy) Kogan – Check out this cartoonist’s body of work featured here!

Mike Konopacki

Tim Kreider – Browse Tim’s cartoons (The Pain – When Will It End?) here, or check out his writing here!

Peter Kuper (Eye Of The Beholder) – Yes, of course, Peter Kuper’s renowned perspectives appear regularly in Funny Times. Enjoy the view and see if you can guess the ‘beholder’ before you see the final panel.

Tim Lachowski (Get A Life!)

Julie Larson (The Dinette Set) – Browse Julie’s syndicated tongue-in-cheek comic strip here!

John Lustig (Last Kiss)

Mike Lynch – Scroll through Mike’s blog or check out even more of his cartoons here!

Brian McFadden (Big Fat Whale, The Strip)

Brad McMillan – RIP

Stephanie McMillan

Jack Medoff

P.S. Mueller’s Homepage – A Funny Times cartoonist mainstay. You gotta love the way Pete thinks!

Nina Paley’s Homepage – America’s best-loved unknown cartoonist and Funny Times icon introduces the NEW Nina’s Adventures.

off the mark – Funny Times regular Mark Parisi’s web site contains a huge archive of indexed cartoons and is updated daily.

Saralee Perel is an award-winning author and nationally syndicated columnist.

Stephanie Piro’s Homepage – Stephanie’s been busy and a new Fair Game cartoon is loaded every day. Check out Strip T’s.

Ted Rall’s Homepage – Ted is the progessive triple threat; cartoonist, columnist and broadcaster. New cartoons and stories are loaded every week.

Red Meat – From the secret files of Max Cannon, with Fresh Meat updated weekly. Twisted is Funny.

Mikhaela.net – Mikhaela Reid’s homepage features her cartoon archive and news blog.

Jim Shoenbill – He’s got Magic Coffee Hair which makes his brain work funny. Weekly posts on Facebook and regular appearances in Funny Times.

Mike Shapiro’s Homepage – Mike Shapiro organizes his cartoons by subject.

Carol Simpson Cartoon Web – Cartoons aimed at America’s corporate establishment and its wholly-owned subsidiary, the U.S. Government.

Andy Singer’s Homepage – A Funny Times favorite and producer of “No Exit.”

Six Chix Homepage – Combines the King Features powerhouse of Isabella Bannerman, Margaret Shulock, Rina Piccolo, Anne Gibbons, Kathryn LeMieux and Stephanie Piro.

Anne Skove’s Homepage – Annefesto features her drawings and multimedia work.

Mark Stivers’ Homepage – Mark showcases a great archive of cartoons or maybe you live in the Sacramento area and just need your piano tuned.

Betsy Streeter’s Homepage – A Funny Times cartoonist and illustrator now offering a complete archive through cartoonstock.com

Swami Beyondananda’s Om Page – Uncle Swami wants you! Join the Right to Laugh Party and help end electile dysfuntion.

Greg Tamblyn’s Blog – This writer, singer, songwriter, speaker and humorist specializes in wellness. Free song downloads available.

Veley Cartoons – Bradford Veley has been drawing cartoons professionally since 1985, and he’s been a regular contributor to Funny Times since the very beginning. He posts a daily cartoon on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/VeleyCartoons. Plus, see his work at bradveley.com

Too Much Coffee Man – Enjoy Shannon Wheeler’s newest strip “How To Be Happy” and hundreds of archived cartoons.

Dr. Science – Home of Dr. Science, America’s foremost authoritarian on the world around us. Or at least the world around him.

Bob Harris’ Homepage – The most popular political speaker at US colleges today. Read his columns now (or listen in RealAudio) and say you knew him when…

Janet Periat’s Homepage – Funny Times’ fan favorite has more great stories in the blog thingy.

Planet Proctor – Current commentaries by the Pooper himself, Phil Proctor. A foundry..er..founder and member of The Firesign Theatre turned Hollywood roustabout.

Verbivore – Richard Lederer (The Wizard of Idiom, Atilla the Pun, Conan the Grammarian) delights wordaholics and Funny Times readers.

Roz Warren’s Homepage – Writer Roz Warren has many more thoughts and laughs to share. She’ll get you thinking.