How to make a cartoon

Welcome to the Funny Times Cartoon Playground – a playground for your imagination. A chance to create your very own cartoon; a political cartoon, absurd pop-cultural moment, or gem of observational humor.

Explore the cartoon elements listed on the upper right. You’ll find a gallery of characters, torsos and heads, objects, scenery and word balloons, all drawn by our friend, Pulitzer Prize winning cartoonist Matt Wuerker (thanks a million, Matt!).

To begin, just drag and drop the elements you like into any of your cartoon panels. You can create a single panel cartoon or a cartoon strip with 2-5 panels.’ADD window’ inserts a new panel and ‘REMOVE window’ taketh away. Pop-up tabs above the panels “>>” and “>>” allow you to copy a panel either forward or back.

Use the bottom control buttons at bottom to scale elements up or down, rotate and flip them, move them in front of or behind other elements or delete them.

Click anywhere inside a word balloon to start typing. Type a caption for a panel by clicking in the blank space under it. Click on ‘Title’ and ‘Anonymous’ to add a title and your name.

‘PRINT’, ‘CLEAR’, ‘UNDO’, and ‘REDO’ all do what you’d expect.

‘PUBLISH’ saves your completed cartoon and posts it to the online gallery for the world to see. Be sure you’re completely happy with your cartoon before you click PUBLISH; you can’t edit it after that. When you publish your completed cartoon, you’ll have a chance to send an e-mail link. We recommend that you send the link to your own e-mail address. Once it arrives in your e-mail inbox, you can get to your cartoon quickly and you can also send the link to as many friends as you like using your own e-mail address book. Hey, you’ve gone viral!

Visit the GALLERY to see what readers from around the world come up with every week. Cartoons in the gallery are listed newest first. Be sure to save your own cartoon’s URL with the e-mail to yourself if you want to find it more quickly than leafing through the gallery.

Playground Rules

Before we let you kids out for recess, please remember a few simple guidelines, so no one loses an eye:

  • Please, no profanity. It’s the cartoon PLAYGROUND, for goodness’ sake; think of the children.
  • Be Nice. Please don’t post a cartoon that says, “d00d, that last cartoon sux.” Cartoons like that, uhh, suk.
  • Funny Times reserves the right to delist cartoons for whatever reason we deem necessary, or for reasons that we deem unnecessary.
  • Now go have fun and lots of it.

We are hoping to keep published cartoons available in the GALLERY for about two months; we may change this interval in response to level of usage. C’mon, everyone gets a turn!

A message from Funny Times Homeland Security

Author names and cartoon titles should not contain special (non-alpha-numeric) characters.

Using them may cause random malfunctioning of the Playground search function.

[Don’t forget to share your cartoon via your favorite social websites after you’ve published it! There is a full suite of share buttons under each cartoon in our Gallery.]