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Boss says to worker, who is filming him across his desk, "Cut! For the last time, you're fired."
Man in front of sinkful of filthy dishes, with flies hovering, speaking to bereted companion, "It's actually a piece in my ongoing series about domesticity."
Conflict of Disinterest: Cubicle worker saying to his boss, "Yes, I have a side job with the competition, but I don't put in much effort at either place."
Vizier speaking to smiling king reclining on throne, "The jester called out sick, so he sent in a batch of cartoons."
Seated office worker, with a pen hidden behind his back, secretly writes "You are a Jackass" on the front side of his boss' desk. Boss looks angry.
Office worker stands on desk, hollers "I Quit! You hear me? IIIIIIIII Quiiiiiiit!" Captioned "When quiet quitters suddenly snap"