… Your paper helps me to be in a good frame of mind … I give [Funny Times clippings] to my doctor, dentist, cleaning lady, computer repair person, plus my political friends AND my husband (opposite party). Thanks!

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Christine H.

I absolutely adore you. I hold off reading you as long as I can, then when I need a lift: There you are! Love and Big Hugs!

Nyla B., Santa Rosa, CA

Funny Times is the best tonic to this crumbling society. It is especially curative when read with dry red wine.

Charlotte G.

So, when we’re upset about something [at work], we just go in the break room and read Funny Times … and it makes everything better.

Meg. Z.

I look forward to Funny Times in the mailbox every month. It’s like finding a like mind out in the wilderness

More Funny Stuff ...

Frank S.

Funny Times is the only magazine I’ve ever subscribed to where I read everything in it or nearly everything.
When Funny Times comes to this address, it does not die. I send cartoons to friends and pass articles around. Plus, I never throw one away, and when I pick up an old one, I recycle it and read it again.

TJ W., Sparta, NC

Thank you so much for the many years of fun and thoughtful observations that have shaped my world…
For me and my two teens, your paper is not only food for thought, but also lively debate and active participation in our Democratic process…

Michelle W., Columbia, SC