Everyone needs a laugh these days, so I don’t mind if my postal carrier reads my Funny Times — I just need him to deliver it after he’s finished!

Wendy T.

I love your paper and look forward to reading it every month. I was reading it yesterday on a flight and couldn’t stop guffawing in my seat.

Erika B.

The Funny Times is the only thing keeping me sane … I get a Funny Times in the mail and realize that there are others that think like I do. How refreshing! … You are satisfying a crucial need.

Ed W.

We found that cutting Funny Times was like cutting the lifeline to sanity. When we get the paper, we know there are others out there who see what we see and have the wherewithall to joke about it. … You guys are medicine for a sick society.

Rachelle and Bob D.

“All of the people on our gift subscription list are pretty much conservative right wingers like us. We just get a big kick out of your publication. My daughters are starting to read it, and ask us a lot of questions that dissolve into political, economic, social, and global discussions, so we are really getting our money’s worth, even if we don’t agree with your leftist bent.”

Monique D.