Questions about your life? Wondering what’s in store for you next? Why not get an advance look at what’s in the cards … the tarot cards, we mean.

ASK THE TAROT YOUR BURNING QUESTIONS. Yep, just focus on your question and click the tarot card below. We promise an answer that is at least as helpful and illuminating as the answers you get from the pundits on TV, or your Aunt Marge, or the random stranger on the subway last week who gave you an unsolicited complete fashion makeover while you tried desperately to disappear into your phone screen.

My reply is no

Not satisfied with the answer you got? Enter your question in the comments section below and one of our certified (certifiable?) Funny Times Prognosticators will take up your question and give it their best shot, using a patented mix of cartomancy (look it up), vision quests (well, more like neighborhood wanders, with or without our pants on), tea leaf reading, and intoxicants. No question too odd! No answer too likely to be helpful!

Questions will be screened and approved before appearing, because apparently the human race isn’t yet ready for unmoderated discussion on the intertubes. Just relax, if it’s an interesting / compelling / bizarre question we’ll get cracking!


Your Funny Times Meddlers, err, Tarot Interpreters

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