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3 thoughts on “Ray and Sue”

  1. I’m inviting other FT regulars, readers and website visitors to leave a comment here on their thoughts on the new format.

    For instance, although I can see if a cartoon has been tweeted (and how many times) from the front page of the playground gallery, I can’t tell if it has tags or comments. That would be a useful feature, since we often like to know what others think of our cartoon and if someone left a comment.. Likewise, a rating system would be nice, where those visiting the playground could click stars, or smileys… up to 5 smileys for something truly hilarious? Just a thought.

  2. well, in addition to some new scenery, faces, bodies, objects, etc… (which should be WAY easier to do than do a complete overhaul), it really would be great to be able to Search By Author with Chronological results, that way I can impress my 80 yr old mother that I am famous by being on the internet. Also would be cool to have a place for Mrs. McGillicuddy’s 4th grade class to hang out, or to rein it in a little, but I am not up for censorship– so not sure how to deal with that.
    I’m waiting and holding my breath for the FTCPR Convention in Cleveland to visit Funny Times World Headquarters.

  3. I find that the searching on tag “comment” does not bring up this cartoon, which is also a problem. Very disheartened by the new not-improved playground. -cta


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