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A person reading a story to an infant held in their arms: "and so the outdated and archaic dinosaur john henry rightfully fell dead in his tracks while the shiny new steam drill went on to great success & riches - his children's children eventually becoming the supreme beings/masters of the universe, though still cool and just regular guys. The end."
Cartoon drawing of mr and mrs potato head toys, asleep in bed, with the removeable teeth in a glass next to the bedside
Three panel comic of two characters in bed. The first says "Sometimes I just can't fall asleep at night & I don't want to take a pill" the second: "Why don't you try counting stuff like I do?." First: What do you count?" Second: "I count th' many times I've seen actors in movies or tv pretend to brush their teeth without toothpaste... I'm up to 1,763" First: "Yes, I've noticed that over th' years. Why do you supposed they do that? Would it make it harder to speak? Frankly th' whole phenomenon worries me--" Second: "Then, once i know you're worried, I fall asleep!"
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