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Cartoon Drawing of the September 2023 Issue of Funny Times Magazine. The masthead reads, "We're living in Funny Times." The featured artwork is by cartoonist False Knees of a bird beautifying its nest.
Funny Times December 2021 Issue
Editor-in-chief Raymond Lesser
Funny Times October 2021 Issue
Funny Times March 2021 Issue
Funny Times August 2019 Cover Mueller Popular Culture
Editor-in-chief Raymond Lesser
Phil Witte play Senior Jeopardy
Funny Times November 2018 Issue Cover - Tom Toles Thanksgiving Midterms
November 2014 Issue Cover
Editor-in-chief Raymond Lesser
Cartoon of the Week for March 05, 2008
Cartoon of the Week for December 25, 2007
Cartoon of the Week for October 23, 2002
Cartoon of the Week for September 16, 1998