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Cartoon by Sarah Morrissette

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Trial and Error

lawyer says to judge "i didn't say I retired, your Honor. I said I quit working for good"
a judge says to a lawyer, "they're not my 'chambers' per se, but it sounds better than saying I'd like to see you in the men's room"
two dogs speaking angrily to a dog judge, one says "i peed on the property" and the second cuts in "but then i peed on his pee!"
a lawyer says "my client pleads the third amendment" and a defendent (who is a revolutionary era solider) thinks "of course he does"
Trump on a witness stand says "they're not coming after me... they're coming after you!" the judge says "the jury is instructed to disregard that statement"
lawyer says to judge "we request a change of venue to a city where jurors aren't familiar with my client's lifelong corruption and dishonesty"
blindfolded justice with a sword asks a judge "what happened to standing?... judicial restraint?... balance of power? equal protection?...and what happend to ethics?" the judge says "consider it all new precedent!"
A muffin bailif says "judge baird now entereing the courtroom... all rise" and in the second panel all of the jurors muffin tops pop up
Prosecutor says to a Jury "Granted, my client doctor barnes misdiagnosed his patient's restless leg syndrome as boogie fever, but he can't bed held liable because as we all know, with either case there is no cure"

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Murmurs and Musings


By Raymond Lesser How do things rise to the top of the to-do list, meaning how do I decide what I’m going to do RIGHT NOW!