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A cartoon by Thomas Wykes of a grade school classroom. The teacher presents two children. One of which is wearing a top hat and monocle. The caption reads, "Congratulations to our new class president! Of course, the true power will continue to be held by our class billionaire."

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Party Hardy

At a party, a cactus with a bunch of hors d'ouvres stuck to it says "sometimes, Ceryl, I wonder why you only invite me along to cocktail parties"
A man in a suit, obscured by a cloud of pollution from a nearby city, asks a distraught looking woman "mind if smoke?"
A robot opens a door to a jukebox, and is shouting "where should i tell the DJ to set up?"
A disappointed looking man in a suit wears a nametag reading "hello, my name is hello." The caption reads "hello often felt awkward attenting functions and wearing "hello my name is" tags"
A circle of clapping people stand around a sleepy-looking man walking out his front door. Text: coming outside party
a bunch of possums at a party, holding wine and cheese plates. one possum is passed out on the floor, while another one says "he's fine, he just plays dead when he's had enough socializing"
Four panel cartoon featuring a raccoon saying "I think the question of "why" we're here is non-sensical. IT assumed there should be a reason or that some sort of power willed us to be - and I've never understood that Idea or how it could be comforting. "how" we're here at least has an answer: I am here as a result of my ancestors reproducing before their deaths - but that leaves a lot to be desired in the way of a "meaning" for one's existnce. Personally, I've stopped searching for meaning in my life. I intend on living out what's left of my brief existence indulging in material pleasures until i die and am forgotten in the ever-growing list of things that once were." In the last panel, a table of raccoons all stare blankly at the speaker.

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It turns out that chocolate is not only an aphrodisiac but also, combined with cake, ice cream and lit candles acts as an antidepressant far superior to Prozac or Zoloft. Psychiatrists take their patients off these drugs and begin prescribing weekly attendance of birthday parties, preferably for 5 year olds.

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