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Republican elephant, in 'Morality Police' uniform, is in a library, and has pulled down the letters 'LGBTQ' from an overhead flag banner of alphabet letters. He's commanding the librarian, "Hide these behind the counter!" Cartoon by Walt Handelsman
Cartoon by Walt Handelsman

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A person reading a story to an infant held in their arms: "and so the outdated and archaic dinosaur john henry rightfully fell dead in his tracks while the shiny new steam drill went on to great success & riches - his children's children eventually becoming the supreme beings/masters of the universe, though still cool and just regular guys. The end."
Cartoon drawing of mr and mrs potato head toys, asleep in bed, with the removeable teeth in a glass next to the bedside
Three panel comic of two characters in bed. The first says "Sometimes I just can't fall asleep at night & I don't want to take a pill" the second: "Why don't you try counting stuff like I do?." First: What do you count?" Second: "I count th' many times I've seen actors in movies or tv pretend to brush their teeth without toothpaste... I'm up to 1,763" First: "Yes, I've noticed that over th' years. Why do you supposed they do that? Would it make it harder to speak? Frankly th' whole phenomenon worries me--" Second: "Then, once i know you're worried, I fall asleep!"
Don't roll your ears at me
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A father reading his kid a book titled "fairy tales," saying "and gas prices rose because of president Biden."
Grandmother Breakfast
Middle-aged couple climbing into bed and looking coyly at each other. Caption reads: "let's synchronize our meds and meet back here when the time is right."
A parent reads to a small child in bed. The book is titled "Millenial Fairy Tales" and the caption says "And then they went and did work in a coffee shop and lives happily ever after."

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  • It is a cartoon of an angel blindfolded and throwing darts at a drawing of a human. The caption reads, "Where should human beings grow hair?"

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Hi kids, it’s great to see all your smiling faces back for another exciting school year here at Alligator Junior High! Looks like more than a few of you forgot to put on your sunblock before you went out to wait for the school bus this morning. Remember, at these temperatures, it only takes a few minutes to have your face turn the color of a rack of barbecued ribs. Also, don’t forget to bring your water bottle with you every day as it’s easy to become dehydrated waiting out there, especially when our bus driver, Mr. Quigley, is running late because of a bad choice he made at the neighborhood tavern last night.