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Cartoon By Tyson Cole

Many magazines are informative, insightful, even important, but only one is absolutely essential to understanding the human condition in this postmodern era. That magazine is, of course, Funny Times.

The Washington Post

A Peek Inside the Issue


A child seeking candy from a gumball machine; on top of the machine, a piñata sits reading a newspaper as if he's on the toilet.
Piñata hanging on tree next to a bored looking dog, saying "oh, you know, same ol' same ol'... just hanging around waiting till the kids arrive and then get bashed repeatedly, etc etc." Caption reads "pinyada-yada-yada"
young children playing with a piñata. One kid says "remember, pretend it's the patriarchy"
Two piñatas with bats in their mouths at a party scene. The caption reads "it's party time, amigo."
A piñata on a leash hides shyly behind its owner, while a kid reaches out to touch it. The caption says "sorry, he has this thing against children."
Two birds sit at their birdhouse, which is hanging next to a colourful piñata. The bird says "it's nice but I'm a little concerned about location..."
A piñata angrily confronts a man smoking a cigarette and drinking a beer, saying "who you callin' a candyass?"
Two piñatas sit at a restaurant table looking over menus; the caption reads "I'm torn between teh Chargrilled Mackerel with Sweet and Sour Beetroot and the Candy"
A bunch of guys in togas, one blindfolded and holding a knife, lunge toward a piñata that is shaped like Caesar.

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Murmurs and Musings

The Man Who Used to be Boss

“I’ll have a coffee with cream to go.” “You want that with oat cream, soy cream, or almond cream?” “I want it with cream cream. But if you don’t have that I’ll take half and half.” “Sorry sir, this is a vegan coffee shop. We don’t use any products here that exploit animals.” “That’s ridiculous! What’s your name? I’m going to have you sent to work at a shop in Alaska where you can try your hand at making coffee for real caribou.”
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