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Cartoon By Bill Brown

Many magazines are informative, insightful, even important, but only one is absolutely essential to understanding the human condition in this postmodern era. That magazine is, of course, Funny Times.

The Washington Post

A Peek Inside the Issue

Tunnel Of…

Two dates are boarding the Tunnel of Love. The attendant says "Good news pal - it's your 50th different date on your punch card, so this ride is free." The woman has an alarmed look on her face.
A tube-shaped tunnel with clothes floating through it - piled up in the entrance, folded neatly in the exit - titled "Tunnel of Laundry"
A grumpy-looking old man floating into a tunnel labelled "Tunnel of goddam peace and quiet"
Two infatuated-looking clowns sail into a Tunnel of LOL on a swan-shaped boat
A couple sails into a tunnel labelled "Tunnel of Love*" subtitled "*Nut, Lactose and Gluten Free"
A disgruntled-looking couple sails into a Tunnel of Love with a therapist
A couple running over comically large barriers and obstacles, one is saying "why didn't they tell us teh tunnel of love turned into an obstacle course?"
a couple sail into a tunnel that traverses the US-Mexico border, labelled "The Tunnel of Quick Divorce."
A person riding into the "tunnel of love handles" with their love handles protruding from the edges of the boat.

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Murmurs and Musings

When The Robot Comes to Your Door

I hear a knock and when I open the door a delivery driver is standing next to a life-size robot. “I need you to sign for this.” “I didn’t order a robot.” “You have Amazon Prime, don’t you? Everyone with Amazon Prime is getting a free robot. You’re one of the first on your block.”
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