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About The Funny Times

The Funny Times is a magazine of humor and satire in a world gone totally insane.

For over 35 years we have searched out the most hilarious minds in America and beyond. They supply us with delightfully funny, intelligent, left leaning humor which we guarantee will make you laugh.

Every issue has more than 100 cartoons and at least a dozen written features. We work with hundreds of contributors, reading thousands of cartoons and stories in order to present the “best of the best” each month. You’ll see lots of familiar names, plus we’ll introduce you to our favorite new funny friends.

When we started this newspaper back in 1985 it was just Susan, Ray, and a lot of chutzpah (which can be loosely translated as fearless stupidity). Miraculously, we’ve grown and thrived through the years despite dire predictions about print media. We still deliver our print magazine right to your mailbox, and we’re still independent and ad-free.

Check out our sample issue online to see what we’re really like. Join the ranks of over 55,000 subscribers who already love to laugh at us.

Ray Lesser & Susan Wolpert
The Funny Times

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