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Digital Subscription Frequently Asked Questions

Digital Subscription

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Digital Subscription?

A year of laughter in your pocket! With a digital subscription, you’ll have unlimited access to Funny Times’ digital issues for the duration of your subscription. This includes all the fun from the July/August 2023 issue through to the most current issue.

What are the benefits of a Digital Subscription?

  • Easy to read on the go
  • Ability to zoom in on text and cartoons
  • Access to all back issues starting with JUL/AUG23
  • More color cartoons
  • No international shipping charges
  • More dynamic and easy to scroll through than other digital publications

How do I access my Digital Subscription?

  1. Go here to log-in. Enter the email address that you used sign up for your Digital or Combo subscription.
  2. Check your email for a message from Funny Times. Click the validation link and it will take you to our Read Online section.
  3. Click “View Issue” under any issue to begin reading.

BONUS POINTS: Bookmark the Read Online page for future enjoyment. You should remain logged in on the browser you just used.

I tried all that and it’s not working!

We’re so sorry to hear that! Please clear your cache and try one more time, double checking that your email matches your Digital or Combo subscription. If it still doesn’t work please email with a detailed description of what’s happening when you try to log in.

How can I purchase a Digital Subscription?

You can purchase a new Digital Subscription here and you can convert your existing Print Subscription to a Combo (Print + Digital subscription) here.

How do I convert my existing Print subscription to a Digital Only subscription?

Email with this request

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