Confused about current affairs? Affairs of the heart? What to have for lunch tomorrow? Sure, thoughtful analysis and sound strategy are ONE way to attack the problem … but how about putting your trust in a digital simulation of a beloved child’s toy instead? What have you got to lose?

ASK THE MAGIC 8 BALL. Yep, just click on the glossy black ball below and get the answers you’ve so desperately needed in your life.

Outlook not so good

Not satisfied with the answer you got? Enter your question in the comments section below and one of our certified (certifiable?) Funny Times Prognosticators will take up your question and give it their best shot, using a patented mix of haruspicy (look it up), astrology, tea leaf reading, and intoxicants. No question too odd! No answer too likely to be helpful!

Questions will be screened and approved before appearing, because apparently the human race isn’t yet ready for unmoderated discussion on the intertubes. Just relax, if it’s an interesting / compelling / bizarre question we’ll get cracking!


Your Funny Times Meddlers, err, Mystical 8-ball Polishers

3 Comments on “Magic 8 Ball”

  1. Hey there, just testing to see if any Funny Times Prognosticators are taking a look. My question: have we gotten any interesting questions? hahahaha

    1. Dear Betty:
      Yes, we have gotten interesting questions. But if we tell you what they are, we’d have to pie you in the face. Sorry. Thanks for writing in!

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