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Funny Times August 2019 Issue

Funny Times August 2019 Cover Mueller Popular Culture

Cartoons about Clowns . Politicians . Diet . Beauty . Women . Travel . Dogs .  Grandparenting . Monsters . Employment . Toys and more!

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With cartoons by: Isabella Bannerman, Clay Bennett, Bizarro, Marc Bilgrey, Harry Bliss, Ruben Bolling, Matt Bors, Martin Bucella, Jon Carter, Jack Compère, Dave Coverly,  J.C. Duffy, Jeff Hobbs, Keith Knight, Peter Kuper, Mary Lawton, Tim Lockley, Scott Masear, Brian McFadden, Steve McGinn, Chris Monroe, P.S. Mueller, Drew Panckeri, Mark Parisi, Rina Piccolo, Stephanie Piro, K.A. Polzin, Hilary Price, Leigh Rubin, Graham Sale, Maria Scrivan, Jim Shoenbill, Barbara Smaller, Jen Sorensen, Mark Stivers, Tom Toles, Tom Tomorrow, Chris Wildt, Phil Witte, Matt Wuerker, Adam Zyglis, Zippy  . . . and lots more!

In This Issue:

Remembering What It’s Like To Be A Kid
By Raymond Lesser

Oh, The Cases Mueller Found!
By Colin MdEnroe

Circus Sale
By Jackie Allison

The Borowitz Report
By Andy Borowitz

Stay Uncomfortable!
By Gretchen Volk

In Life, My Wife Got Shortchanged
By Tim Jones

Mission: Alaska
By Eric Glaberson

Don’t Fence Me In
By Peter McKay

Patient Refuses To Have Appendix Removed
By Chris Hume

The Tell-Tale Solar Robotic Toy
By Janet Periat

Click To Unsubscribe
By Phil Witte

It’s A Super Market
By David Brinn Silly

Work Is A Four Letter Word
By Stacia Friedman


Cartoons about Beauty
Curmudgeon looks at Physical Fitness
Dave Maleckar’s 100 Word Rant
News Of The Weird
Harper’s Index
Cartoons about August
News & Political Cartoons
Cartoons about Monsters

2 thoughts on “Funny Times August 2019 Issue”

  1. We Funny Times readers in Hawaii are not sure what to make of the August 2019 cover. Looks like every morning here (before coffee), Bruddah in his board shorts and me in my muumuu . . .

    • Board shorts and muumuus should be the Funny Times uniform, Aimee. We talked about having smocks — just because we like saying ‘smocks’ — but moving straight to muumuus sounds fab!


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