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Funny Times September 2015 Issue

Funny Times September 2015 Issue

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Cartoons About …
Trump . The Legal System . Back to School . Social Media . Reporting . and more!

Cartoons by: Isabella Bannerman, Clay Bennett, Bizarro, Harry Bliss, Ruben Bolling, Matt Bors, Tom Cheney, Dave Coverly, J.C. Duffy, Tim Eagan, Randy Glasbergen, Martha Gradisher, Buddy Hickerson, George Jartos, John Kastner, Ham Khan, Keith Knight, Mary Lawton, Carol Lay, Brian McFadden, Chris Monroe, P.S. Mueller, Nina Paley, Joel Pett, K.A. Polzin, Hilary Price, Flash Rosenberg, Maria Scrivan, Andy Singer, Jen Sorensen, Mark Stivers, Ward Sutton, Tom Toles, Tom Tomorrow, P.C. Vey, Shannon Wheeler, Chris Wildt, Zippy, Adam Zyglis … and lots more!

In This Issue:

Does Your Life Still Matter?
By Raymond Lesser

The Borowitz Report
By Andy Borowitz

Boehner Vets Pope
By Stacia Friedman

Rumpus Trumpus Chumpus
By Will Durst

The Smell Of Trouble
By Dave Barry

September Throughout History

By Scott Bateman

Piña Coladas
By Hillary Ring

Abandoning My Post
By Peter McKay

Gender “Rolls”
By Bruce Cameron

ExxonMobil Drilling Into The Distant Past
By Chris Hume

On Identification And Courtship Of
Male Homo Nerdians

By Lauren Glattly

The Tipping Point
By Amy Schuster

I See But Dimly
By Walt Wood

Op-Ed Recipe
By David Martin

Curmudgeon Looks At Los Angeles
News Of The Weird
Harper’s Index
100 Word Rant
Law & Order Cartoons
News & Political Cartoons
Poetry Cartoons

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