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Funny Times April 2015 Issue

April 2015 Issue Cover

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Cartoons about:
Spring . Modernity . Parenting . Taxes . and more!

Cartoons by: Isabella Bannerman, Meg Biddle, Bizarro, Harry Bliss, Ruben Bolling, Matt Bors, Kevin Carroll, Jack Compère, Dave Coverly, J.C. Duffy, Tim Eagan, Bob Eckstein, Samuel Ferri, Anne Gibbons, David Horsey, George Jartos, Ham Khan, Keith Knight, Mary Lawton, Carol Lay, Chris Monroe, P.S. Mueller, Joel Pett, Hilary Price, Ted Rall, Steve Sack, Andy Singer, Barbara Smaller, Jen Sorensen, Tom Swick, Tom Toles, Tom Tomorrow, P.C. Vey, Shannon Wheeler, Matt Wuerker, Zippy … and lots more!

In This Issue:

By Raymond Lesser

This Is Your Brain On Level 3
By Bruce Cameron

Teenager Causes Irreversible Climate Change
By Tossing Red Bull Can Into Street

By Chris Hume

Eating To Win
By Hillary Ring

Sunday Routine
With Osama Myanmar Abdallah

By Stephen Lyons

The New Tar Pits
By Will Durst

The Borowitz Report
By Andy Borowitz

April Throughout History

By Scott Bateman

Kale And Farewell
By Lenore Skenazy

A Big Thumbs Up From The Body Parts Beat
By Dave Barry

Objects Of Our Affection
By Peter McKay

Confessions Of A Cat Person
By Ira Bloom

Sixty Isn’t What It Used To Be … Lucky Us!
By Roz Warren

Conscious Neglect:
A New Parenting Paradigm

By Kate Morrison

Curmudgeon Looks At Atheism
News Of The Weird
Harper’s Index
100 Word Rant
Spring Cartoons
News Cartoons
Tax Season Cartoons

Biddle - Dinner vs. Popcorn

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