Funny Times April 2022 Issue

Cartoons and stories about Real Estate . Entertaining . Birds . Breakfast . Marriage . Labor . Health . Beauty . Neighbors . Earth Day . Nature . Taxation . Jesters, and more!

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With cartoons by Isabella Bannerman, Clay Bennett, Harry Bliss, Ruben Bolling, Jon Carter, Dave Coverly, Bill Griffith, Joe Heller, Scott Hilburn, Wayne Honath, Ham Khan, Keith Knight, Susan Camilleri Konar, Mary Lawton, Scott Masear, Steve McGinn, Chris Monroe, Mark Parisi, Dan Perkins, Joel Pett, Dan Piraro, Hilary Price, Ted Rall, Leigh Rubin, Crowden Satz, Drew Sheneman, Jen Sorenson, Mark Stivers, Ward Sutton, Matt Wuerker, Adam Zyglis … and lots more!

By Raymond Lesser

The Borowitz Report
By Andy Borowitz

Things That Get Dumped In The Night
By A.G. Sloan

Barbarian Days
By Jackie Allison

A Prize In Every Box 
By Jim Shoenbill

Married To A Fast Woman
By Bill Spencer 

My Fifteen Seconds Of Infamy
By Tim Jones

Advice For Surgery Recovery
By Anneli Byrd

Beauty Tips
By Joanie Mickle

It’s A Standard Cheerleading
Megaphone, Jim! 

By K.A. Polzin

The Tree Of Doom
By Bev Potter

Are You An April Fool?
By Richard Lederer

Courtesy In The Workplace
By P.J. O’Rourke


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Curmudgeon on Taxation
Cartoons about Earth Day
News Of The Weird
News & Political Cartoons
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