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Funny Times February 2022 Issue

Cartoons and stories about Focus . Valentine’s Day . Spider News . Gathering . Road Trips . Gender . Triggers . Snowmen . TV and more!

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With cartoons by Isabella Bannerman, Lynda Barry, Darrin Bell, Clay Bennett, Harry Bliss, Ruben Bolling, Dave Coverly, Bill Griffith, Scott Hilburn, David Horsey, Kevin Kallaugher, Ham Khan, Keith Knight, Susan Camilleri Konar, Mary Lawton, Scott Masear, Steve McGinn, Chris Monroe, Mark Parisi, Dan Perkins, Joel Pett, Dan Piraro, Hilary Price, Ted Rall, Leigh Rubin, Crowden Satz, Christina Sampaio, Harley Schwadron, Maria Scrivan, Drew Sheneman, Jen Sorenson, Mark Stivers, Phil Witte, Matt Wuerker … and lots more!

TV Game Shows For 2022
By Raymond Lesser

2021 Year In Review
By Dave Barry

Shopping For A New Me
By Bev Potter

The Borowitz Report
By Andy Borowitz

An Introvert And Recluse Survival Guide For Family Gatherings
By Deva Gallagher

Never Accept A Ride From A Stranger
By Tim Jones

Stop Gendering My Table
By Gretchen Volk

Are You Easily Offended?
By Chris Hume


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1 thought on “Funny Times February 2022 Issue”

  1. I’ve had subscriptions with you for donkey’s years. The February 2022 issue showed up and someone, who will remain nameless, mistakenly threw it in the trash.


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