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Funny Times January 2022 Issue

Cartoons and stories about Exercise . Winter . Fairy Tales . New Year’s . Music . New Beginnings . Real Estate . Environment . Health . Writing . Shopping . Fashion . Babies . Football and more!

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With cartoons by Isabella Bannerman, Clay Bennett, Harry Bliss, Ruben Bolling,  Dave Coverly,  J.C. Duffy, Bill Griffith,  Scott Hilburn, David Horsey, Kevin Kallaugher, Ham Khan, Peter Kuper, Mary Lawton, Scott Masear, Steve McGinn, Dan Misdea, Chris Monroe, Osmani Simanca, Mark Parisi, Dan Perkins, Joel Pett, Dan Piraro, Hilary Price, Ted Rall, Leigh Rubin, Crowden Satz, Drew Sheneman … and lots more!

The Big Game
By Raymond Lesser

The Borowitz Report
By Andy Borowitz

Put Down Your Dumbbell
By Tim Jones

Cool Mom Hits The Slopes: Part Two
By Gretchen Volk

Glossary For 2022
By Janet Periat

FUQ: Frequently UNASKED Questions
By Swami Beyondananda

Please Help! I’m Stranded On That Giant Island Of Plastic
By Bev Potter

The FDA Is Terrifying Us About Hand Sanitizer
By Lenore Skenazy

Hillary’s Narcissistic Book Review Midnight Library, A Really Big Lunch, and Chin Music
By Hillary Ring

By A. G. Sloan

Retired Gentlemen’s Quarterly
By David Martin

My Baby Was Supposed To Discover Her Hands …
By Andrew Knott


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