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Funny Times June 2019 Issue

Funny Times June 2019 Cover: John Darkow Trump Mercantile Company

Cartoons about Father’s Day . Baseball . Graduation . Anthropology . Weddings . Lemonade Stands . Polls. Robotics . Insects . Community . Desert Islands  and more!

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With cartoons by: Hilary Allison, Isabella Bannerman, Lynda Barry, Darrin Bell, Clay Bennett, Bizarro, Harry Bliss, Bruce Bollinger, Ruben Bolling, Matt Bors, Martin Bucella, Jon Carter, Tyson Cole, Dave Coverly, John Darkow, J.C. Duffy, Martha Gradisher, Jeff Hobbs, David Horsey, Ham Khan, Keith Knight, Peter Kuper, Mary Lawton, Carol Lay, Scott Masear, Steve McGinn, Chris Monroe, P.S. Mueller, Drew Panckeri, Matt Percival, Joel Pett, Rina Piccolo, K.A. Polzin, Hilary Price, Ted Rall, Leigh Rubin, Jen Sorensen, Mark Stivers, Ward Sutton, Tom Toles, Tom Tomorrow, Chris Weyant, Shannon Wheeler, Phil Witte, Matt Wuerker, Zippy  . . .  and lots more!

In This Issue:

The Lose 10 Pounds Fllowing My Wife Around Exercise Plan
By Raymond Lesser

Memo: Family To Downsize
By Tim Jones

I Know All About It
By Peter McKay

Dems’s White Man Problem
By Will Durst

The Borowitz Report
By Andy Borowitz

Homo Plasticus: A Case Report
By Bridget C. Brown

Summer Camp … With Peter Frampton!
By Gretchen Volk

When Life Hands You Lemonade …
By Lenore Skenazy

New Poll Indicates Polls Not Polling Well
By Chris Hume

The Breakdown Of Humanity
By Jackie Allison

New York State Driver’s Test (For Owners Of Driverless Cars)
By Bob Eckstein

The Active Volcano In My Neighborhood
By Andrew Knott

Swami’s FUQs: Frequently UNASKED Questions
By Swami Beyondananda

Curmudgeon looks at Baseball
Dave Maleckar’s 100 Word Rant
Cartoons about Weddings
News Of The Weird
Harper’s Index
Cartoons about Cannabis
News & Political Cartoons
Cartoons about Insects

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