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Funny Times November 2017 Issue

Cartoons About Thanksgiving . Manners . Road Trips . Family . Allergies and more!

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With cartoons by: Kirk Anderson, Isabella Bannerman, Lynda Barry, Bizarro, Harry Bliss, Ruben Bolling, Matt Bors, Martin Bucella, Todd Condron, Dave Coverly, J.C. Duffy, Ham Khan, Keith Knight, Peter Kuper, Julie Larson, Kathryn Lemieux, Mary Lawton, Tim Lockley, Scott Masear, R.J. Matson, Brian McFadden, Chris Monroe, P.S. Mueller, Drew Panckeri, Matt Percival, Joel Pett, K.A. Polzin, Hilary Price, Steve Sack, Andy Singer, Barbara Smaller, Jen Sorensen, Ward Sutton, Tom Toles, Tom Tomorrow, Dan Wasserman, Shannon Wheeler, Matt Wuerker, Adam Zyglis  . . .  and lots more!


In This Issue:

A Goldfish Story
By Raymond Lesser

Planet Proctor
Compiled By Phil Proctor

Why Didn’t YOU Think Of This?
By Lenore Skenazy

Warning To Husbands: Shopping At Costco Can Be Hazardous To Your Marriage
By Tim Jones

Fork In The Etiquette Road
By Dave Barry

My Homemade Cider Is The Bomb
By Peter McKay

Maps? We Don’t Need No Stinking Maps!
By Walt Wood

Pence’s Dogged Loyalty To Trump Explained
By Billie Little

The Borowitz Report
By Andy Borowitz

A Losing (Allergy) Season
By Ali Solomon

Eat Me, I’m Danish
By Helene Kirschbaum

The Heartbreak Of Oversharing
By Will Durst

I’m A Postaholic
By David Martin

The Vocabulary Of A Teenage Girl
By W. Bruce Cameron

Curmudgeon looks at Holidays
Dave Maleckar’s 100 Word Rant
Cartoons about Thanksgiving
News Of The Weird
Harper’s Index
News & Political Cartoons

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