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JUNE 2023 Issue

Cartoon Image of the June 2023 Funny Times magazine cover. The title is rainbow-colored. The featured cartoon, by Walt Handelsman, depicts a Republican elephant dressed as the Morality Police at a library. He has removed the letters: L-G-B-T and Q from an alphabet banner. The speech bubble reads, "Hide these behind the counter." The librarian looks unamused.

Cartoons and stories about Al Jafee. Cats. Dads. Confessions. Gardners. Role Reversal. Modern Life. Rides. Bible Stories. Top Sercets… and much, much more!

With Cartoons By: Isabella Bannerman, Jack Compere, Dave Coverly, Bill Griffith, Al Jaffee,John Jonik, Keith Knight, Mary Lawton, Liniers, Scott Masear, Steve McGinn, Dan Misdea, Chris Monroe, Drew Panckeri, Mark Parisi, Asher Perlman, Rina Piccolo, Hilary Price, Maria Scrivan,Andy Singer, Sam Viviano and many more!

Who was this Furshluggenergenius, Al Jaffee?
By Peter Kupe

Would Offer to Help, But There’s a Cat on My Lap
By Tim Jones

A Transcript of My First Date Since 2020
By Bob Eckstein

Diary of a Dedicated Delusional Gardener
By Janet Periat

If Our Dogs Took Us to the Doctor
By Bev Potter

The Dreaded Sunday Drive
By Carolyn J. Rose

If This is Jesus’s Wine, I Think I’d Prefer Water
By K.A. Polzin


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  • The Funny Times crossword
  • Curmudgeon on Food
  • One Hundred Word Rant
  • Harper’s Index

and much more!

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