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November 2023 Issue

Cartoon image of a newspaper. The Mastehead reads, "We're Living in Funny Times." Four comic panels show a man in a suit surrounded by industry versus a group of casually dressed people enjoying nature. In the end, the nature lovers prevail over big business. The villagers rejoice!

Cartoons and stories about At the Table, Debt, Miscommunications, Trial & Error, The Supreme Court, Enlightenment, Bathrooms, Math, Nature, Seaworthiness, Strikes, Inventions, Sweets and, much, much more!

With Cartoons By: Isabella Bannerman, Joshua Barkman, Harry Bliss, Todd Condron, Dave Coverly, Joe Duffy, Martha Gradisher, Bill Griffith, Marian Henley, Scott Hilburn, Jeff Hobbs, Lynn Hsu, Keith Knight, Peter Kuper, Mary Lawton, Tim Lockley, Stan Mack, Scott Masear, Brian McFadden, Steve McGinn, Dan Misdea, Chris Monroe, Drew Panckeri, Mark Parisi, Maritsa Patrinos, Matt Percival, RoseAnne Prevec, Andy Singer, Jen Sorensen, Bill Whitehead… and many more!

Want to Pay Off Your Debt? What’s Wrong With You?
By Chris Hume

The Awkward Family Puzzle
by Laura Close

SCOTUS Welcome Brochure for New Justices
By Janet Periat

I’m Not Wearing Pants With Buttons Anymore
By Bev Potter

Dear Toilet Box
By Jim Shoenbill

The Algorithm at Work
By David Martin

Mother Nature… Lock Her Up
By Bob Eckstein

Friends with Boats
By Tim Jones


  • The Borowitz Report
  • News of the Weird
  • The Funny Times crossword
  • Curmudgeon on Thanksgiving
  • One Hundred Word Rant
  • Harper’s Index

and much more!

1 thought on “November 2023 Issue”

  1. The awkward family it turns out it’s one of those puzzles where you find the things around the outside of the drawing, hidden in the drawing. Right? Is every one of the things on the outside hidden inside? I can’t find high five, grannt panties, or the adze. Please help me out here.


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