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tax me ’cause I’m rich as sin or tax me ’cause I’m poor,
tax me every day I work and then tax me some more,
tax me for my gasoline and tax me for the air,
tax me for my teeth and eyes, tax me for my hair.

tax me in the morning, and in the afternoon,
tax me for my knife and fork, tax me for my spoon,
tax me when I’m crazy, tax me when I’m sane,
tax me when I’m feeling good or tax me for my pain.

tax me when I’m very small and tax me when I’m older,
tax me in the spring and fall, tax me when it’s colder,
tax me all around the town, tax me in the city,
tax me by commissioner or tax me by committee.

tax me when I hop a train, tax me when I fly,
tax me when I say hello and when I say goodbye,
tax me when I take a bus or when I hail a cab,
tax me when I’m walking fast or on a cold, cold slab.

tax the meat and dairy aisles, tax the veggies, too,
tax my toothpaste and my beer, tax me for shampoo,
tax me when I stare in space, tax me when I blink,
tax me when I take a bath and tax the kitchen sink.

tax me every time I breathe, tax me when I sigh,
tax me when I’m underneath or tax me to get high,
taxes are my burden, yes, taxes are my yoke,
and now the taxman says he’s going to tax me for each joke.

tax me for the roads and schools, tax me for the jails,
tax me for bombs to explode and for the nature trails,
tax me for police and fire, tax me for the courts,
tax me when I’m flush with dough, tax me when I’m short.

tax me for my property and for my real estate,
tax me when I’m celibate and when I procreate,
tax me when I break apart, tax me when I’m fixed,
tax me when I’m separate and tax me when I’m mixed.

tax me when I buy and sell, tax me when I hold,
tax me when I get too hot, or when I get too cold,
tax me for the sewer lines, tax me for the power,
tax me by the month and year or tax me by the hour.

tax me for cafe latte and tax me for green tea,
tax me for my cigarettes, tax me for my Brie,
tax me for the luxuries and for the staples, too,
tax me when I tell a lie and tax me when I’m true.

for these and all the taxes that the taxman lays on me
I will bitch and moan for which I’m sure there’ll be a fee,
there’s no escape until you die and even then I know
that the taxman’s bound to follow me whichever place I go.

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