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December 2022 Issue

Image of a cartoon Newspaper with a large heading that reads "We're Living in Funny Times." Under the heading is a cartoon drawing of the US Supreme Court. Justice Sonia Sotomayor is holding a sight that reads "HELP."

Cartoons and stories about Math.Pizza.Aging Geniuses.The Birds and the Bees.Good Questions.Winter.Clutter.Holidays.Space.Digital Natives and much, much more!

With Cartoons By: Hilary Allison, Clay Bennett, Harry Bliss, Ruben Bolling, Nathan Cooper, Dave Coverly, Bill Griffith, Scott Hilburn, Taylor Jones, Liniers, Dan Misdea, Keith Knight, Dan Perkins, Joel Pett, Ted Rall, Jen Sorenson, Andy Singer, Mark Stivers, Brad Veley, Chris Weyant, Chis Wildt, Bianca Xunise… and lots more!

Pizza Math
By Diana Wright

How to Keep Your Brain Young
By Bev Potter

Incriminating Acknowledgments
By Melanie Chartoff

Winter Cancelled
By Chris Hume

Never Marry an Artist
By Bill Spencer

Gifts From Grandma: A Feline Atrocity (An Essay Written by My Cat)
By Dusty York


  • The Borowitz Report
  • News of the Weird
  • Curmudgeon on Kissing
  • One Hundred Word Rant
  • Harper’s Index
  • The Funny Times Crossword

and much more!



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