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January/ Febuary 2023 Issue

Image of a cartoon newspaper with a big heading that says, "We're living in Funny Times." Under the heading is a cartoon of Uncle Sam on a vehicle with many moving parts. The caption reads, "When US Government bureaucracy works."

Cartoons and stories about New Year’s, Real Estate, Love, Furniture, Voting, The Generation Gap, Self Improvement, Privacy, Feelings, Hindsight, Evolution, Big Pharma, Peanuts and much, much more!

With Cartoons By: Hillary Allison, Isabella Bannerman, Martin Bucella, Marc Bilgrey, Ruben Bolling, Todd Condron, Bill Griffith, Marian Henley, Keith Knight, Peter Kuper, Mary Lawton, Liniers, Brian McFadden, Steve McGinn,  Dan Misdea, Chris Monroe, Sarah Morrisette, PS Mueller, Dan Piraro, Leigh Rubin, Mira Scharf, Charles Schulz, Jim Shoenbill, Jen Sorensen… and lots more!

New Year’s Irresolutions
By Richard Lederer

Why I, The Real Estate Novelist From “Piano Man,” Never Had Time For A Wife
By Talia Argondezzi and Jeff Bender

I’m The Couch Nobody Sits On
By Bev Potter

Earth Votes to Leave Solar System
By Chris Hume

16 & 61 For Men
By  A.G. Sloan

How To Win Success and Influence People in the 2020s
By Janet Periat

Diary of a Liberal
By Kristine Laco

Charles M. Schulz at 100
By Amy Lago


  • The Borowitz Report
  • News of the Weird
  • Curmudgeon on Kissing
  • One Hundred Word Rant
  • Harper’s Index

and much more!


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