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APRIL 2023 Issue

Cartoons and stories about Fools. Causes. Critics. Flora. Fauna. Loners. Cheese. Goals. Poets. Ray Gets Real About Band Aids… and much, much more!

With Cartoons By: Hilary Allison, Isabella Bannerman, Joshua Barkman, Clay Bennett, Harry Bliss, Jon Carter, Todd Condron, Nathan Cooper, Dave Coverly,  Joe Duffy, Bill Griffith, Jeff Hobbs, John Jonik, Keith Knight, Mary Lawton, Stan Mack, Brian McFadden, Steve McGinn, Chris Monroe, Sarah Morrisette, Maritsa Patrinos, Matt Percival, Dan Perkins, Joel Pett, Leigh Rubin, Jim Shoenbill, Jen Sorenson, Mark Stivers, Ward Sutton, Bill Whitehead, Bianca Xunise… and many more!… and many more!

Please Sign My Petition To Change The Name Of Our Subdivision from Fox Meadow to Possum Gulch
By Bev Potter

Tree Gets Into Slow Motion Fight With Fence (Tree is Winning)
By Chris Hume

Tree Gets Into Slow Motion Fight With Fence (Tree is Winning)
By Chris Hume

What’s My Problem?
By Josh Johnson

I Hate You, Limburger Cheese
By Steven Stampone

My Girlfriend Ate Leftover Taco Bell: I Don’t Think This Relationship is Going to Work Out
By Dusty York

Mermaids Are People,Too – and Fish,Too
By Phil Witte

It’s Me, Walt Whitman, and I @#*&%ing Love My Rest Stop
By Diana Wright

Some Say The World Will End in Fire
By Billie B. Little


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