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September 2022 Issue

Cartoons and stories about Babies. Fall. Airports. Superheros. Youth. Academia. Last Wishes. Bonding. Gun Control. Inflation. Smart Homes. Fishing. Home Cooking and more!

With cartoons by: Hillary Allison, Isabella Bannerman, Martin Bucella, Marc Bilgrey, Harry Bliss, Ruben Bolling, Todd Condron, Dave Coverly, Benita Epstein, Bill Griffith, Scott Hillburn, Randy Klutts, Keith Knight, Mary Lawton, Liniers, Steve McGinn, Brian McFadden, Dan Misdea, Sarah Morrisette, PS Mueller, Mark Parisi, Dan Piraro, Ted Rall, Jim Shoenbill, Maria Scrivan, Ward Sutton, PC Vey, Bill Whitehead, Chris Wildt… and lots more! and lots more!

Cooking for Myself
By Raymond Lesser

Sorry, Your Baby is Ugly
by K.A. Polzin

The Airport Zone
by Anneli Byrd

Cartoon Confidential
by Phil Witte

The Borowitz Report
By Andy Borowitz

100 Word Rant
by Dave Maleckar

The Lesbian Avengers
by Rachel Lee

Going to Your Friend’s House in the 70s
by Bev Potter

The Codicil of My Ill Will
by Melanie Chartoff

Permanent Moment of Silence
by Chris Hume

The Talking House
by J. Compère

Inflationary Humor
by Richard Lederer

Fly Times
by Jackie Allison



Cartoons about babies, Fall, youth, academia, gun control, inflation, fishing, smart homes, fishing, and home cooking!
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