Special Feature: Tiny Hands

By Tom Toro

Like any good piece of satire, the work speaks for itself. Tom Toro, Funny Times and The New Yorker cartoonist, presents Tiny Hands, a powerful, comedic book, lampooning our “Idiot in Chief.”

These cartoons were originally showcased on The New Yorker’s website when Toro was featured as the Daily Cartoonist.

You can order your copy now – operators are standing by!

“This book is the next best thing to impeachment!”  —Andy Borowitz

“Tiny Hands is pure cartooning alchemy, turning pale bloated orange into comedy gold.” —Lord Birthday

“Tom Toro’s Trump cartoons are amazing, huge, tremendous, terrific. Not sad.” —Ann Telnaes

“Tom Toro makes me laugh at President Trump, which keeps me from crying … right before the puking starts.” —Brian McFadden

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